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  • Setting Up Recurring Membership Payments to PREPAY 2023 membership
    • IMPORTANT: It is too late to set up recurring membership payments for a 2023 membership. Recurring membership payments can only be used to PREPAY memberships, and the full amount must be received by December 31, 2022 for a 2023 membership. Please contact us if you need clarification.
    • Calculating Payments: To calculate your recurring payment amount to be a member in 2023, divide the amount you want to contribute in 2022 by the number of payments you will make before December 31, 2022, and enter that as your recurring payment (if you want to donate a total of $1200 starting in January and make monthly recurring payments, set your recurring payment amount to $100). Please contact us if you need clarification.

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Impact 100 has been an important part of the Indianapolis community since 2006, along with our annual goal of delivering more than $100,000 to nonprofits in the Greater Indianapolis community. Through our grants we have proven that collective giving works, and that a group of inspired women can accomplish much more than any one of us can alone. Some aspects of the Impact 100 model include:

  • The Power of the Collective – By bringing together at least 100 women, each giving $1,000, we have a more profound impact on our community.
  • One Member One Vote – Every Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis member has a vote in deciding where the money goes.
  • Shared Memberships – Two to four women can pool their money to share a membership. Shared Members are full members except they share one vote at the annual meeting.
  • Choose Your Level of Involvement – The only membership requirement is to donate and participate in the vote at our annual meeting. But you can take your involvement further and serve on one of our committees simply by letting us know you’re interested.
  • 100% of Member Donations Go to Grant Recipients – Impact 100 Indy has a minimum of 100 members, each donating $1,000 per year. Member donations are due by December 31st of each year.

How can I learn more about Impact 100?
To learn more about Impact 100, go to our Membership Information page.

How can I become a member of Impact 100?
Click here to go to the Join page.

You can also contact us at to discuss your membership.

How can I make a donation to Impact 100?
You can choose three options for making a donation to Impact 100:

You can also contact us at to discuss your donation.

Where can I learn more?
Visit our FAQ page for more information.

I’m a new member, where do I start?
The first place to start is to review the New Member Orientation. If you are a new Shared Member, you should also review the Shared Member FAQs.

Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis is an IRS recognized 501(C)(3) charitable organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.