Friends of Impact: Non-Member Donors

One of the primary goals of Impact 100 is to ensure that 100% of each Member’s $1,000 donation passes through directly to the annual Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis grants to nonprofits. In order to achieve this goal, we graciously accept donations from individuals and local businesses to underwrite the organization’s overhead expenses, either monetarily or in-kind. We honor those who make donations to support our cause with the title of “Friend.”

There are two easy options for Individuals or Businesses to make a Friends donation:

All information entered on these forms is kept secure, and we do not share, rent, or sell member information for any purpose. Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis is an IRS recognized 501(C)(3) charitable organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

In appreciation of our Friends’ contributions, we celebrate all Friends who contribute $250 or more, either monetarily or in-kind, on our website and at the annual meeting.

For answers to the most commonly asked questions about  Impact 100, go to our FAQs Page. You should also feel free to send us your questions about Impact 100 membership contact us at

Payment Options

You must use a credit card to make a donation using the Online Donation Form. You have several payment options using the Print Donation Form:

  • CHECK: made payable to Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis.
  • CREDIT CARD: (forms with credit card numbers cannot be sent via email and must be mailed to ensure the information is secure)..
  • RECURRING PAYMENTS: you can set up Recurring Membership Payments to have regular credit card payments. You have control over how much is paid, how often, and can change or cancel the payments at any time.
  • GIFTED SECURITIES: Go to our Donate Stock page to review this process before choosing this payment option.
  • EMPLOYER MATCH: Please verify your employer will match your donation to Impact 100, and note how much you will pay and how much they will match to equal your membership donation on the Membership Form. You can pay your part of the membership donation using any of the other methods.
  • UNITED WAY: You can designate the amount you wish to donate to Impact 100 through your annual United Way donation. Please be aware that United Way keeps up to 25% of your designation to cover their costs, and any employer United Way match will go to your local United Way agencies and not to Impact 100. Please consider designating or donating an additional 20-25% to cover the United Way fees.
  • OTHER: If you have questions about other methods of making a membership donation, feel free to send us a message at

To review our Credit Card Processing and Handling Security Policy form please click here.