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Impact 100 has been an important part of the Indianapolis community since 2006, along with our annual goal of delivering more than $100,000 to nonprofits in the Greater Indianapolis community. Through our grants we have proven that collective giving works, and that a group of inspired women can accomplish much more than any one of us can alone.

What is the membership fee?
The annual membership fee is $1000. Up to four women can join together in a Shared Membership to pay the $1000 membership fee, paying as little as $250 each for their membership. Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis is an IRS recognized 501(C)(3) charitable organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

Why $1000?
We believe this amount ensures member commitment. It also keeps the cost of raising money for our grants low. To raise $100,000 through smaller donations would mean recruiting many more members at a greater cost. These higher costs would mean less money for the people who need it most – the grant recipients and the people they serve.

How can I join?

Complete a membership form, telling us how and when you want to pay, and submit your payment.

How do I pay?

You can pay your membership donation using any of the following methods (both online and printable membership forms provide details on how to submit your payment):

  • CHECK: made payable to Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis
  • CREDIT CARD: you can enter your credit card information when you sign up online (we do not have access to the credit card information you enter). If you choose to use the printable form you can print your card numbers on the form (US Mail only, please) or ask us to contact you to receive them over the phone. If you use a credit card, please consider donating an additional 5% to cover the transaction costs.
  • RECURRING PAYMENTS: you can set up a Kindful account (Kindful is our database system) to set up regularly recurring credit card payments. You have control over how much is deducted, how often, and can change or cancel the payments at any time.
    IMPORTANT Recurring membership payments can only be used to PREPAY annual membership, and the full amount must be received by December 31, 2021 for 2022 membership. Please contact us if you need clarification. The full amount of your membership donation MUST be received by December 31 of the year before your membership (December 31, 2021 to be a member in 2022).
  • GIFTED SECURITIES: Follow the instructions on the membership form and go to Donate Stock for the complete process.
  • EMPLOYER MATCH: Please verify your employer will match your donation to Impact 100, and note how much you will pay and how much they will match to equal your membership donation on the Membership Form. You can pay your part of the membership donation using any of the other methods.
  • UNITED WAY: You can designate the amount you wish to donate to Impact 100 through your annual United Way donation. Please be aware that United Way keeps up to 25% of your designation to cover their costs, and any employer United Way match will go to your local United Way agencies and not to Impact 100. Please consider designating or donating an additional 20-25% to cover the United Way fees.
  • OTHER: If you have questions about other methods of making a membership donation, feel free to send us a message at

Membership donations received by December 31 of any year provides membership through December 31 of the following year and goes into that year’s grant pool. So, a membership donation made in 2021 goes into the 2022 Grant Pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you suggest members donate additional amounts to cover operating expenses?
100% of every membership donation to Impact 100 goes into the grant pool to be awarded to Central Indiana nonprofits. But we need additional monies to cover our operating expenses. These expenses include hosting no-charge educational events for members and guests, outreach to the community (including our scholarship program), publishing a monthly newsletter, maintaining our website, database and member management software, credit card and United Way fees, insurance, and mailings. We ask our members to consider adding to their donation to help ensure we can maintain our organization and expand our activities.

What is the timing for becoming a member?
Members join throughout each calendar year, but no later than December 31. Those who have paid membership fees by December 31 are members for the following year. The number of women who have donated $1000 by December 31 determines the grant amounts that will be awarded the following June.

How involved do I have to be as a member?
Only two things are required to be a member: You must be a woman age 21 or older, and you must make a donation to our grant pool. You are then encouraged to make an informed decision when you vote for a grant recipient, either in person at the Annual Meeting or by absentee ballot. If you would like to be more involved, you may serve on a Focus Area Committee to review and evaluate grant proposals. You may want to attend site visits to some of the nonprofit applicants for the grant. You might decide to join a committee to help plan the Annual Meeting, or brainstorm ideas for telling more women about Impact 100, or think of educational topics to present to our members. The choice is yours as to how involved you become.

How much of my contribution will go toward the grants versus operating expenses?
A full 100% of Impact 100 membership contributions – each and every dollar – is awarded in grants to nonprofit organizations. Operating costs are covered by separate donations.

Is my donation to Impact 100 tax-deductible?
Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis is an IRS recognized 501(C)(3) charitable organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law. Donations to cover our operating costs are also 100% deductible.

How long is my membership in Impact 100?
Each membership is for the current year’s grant cycle. Women who donate by December 31 of any year are members for the following year. Each year, we welcome a combination of new and returning members. Over 20 women have been members every year since our founding in 2006.

Do I have to live in the Greater Indianapolis area to be a member?
No. Members can live anywhere.

What is a Shared Membership?
While the greatest impact comes from each woman donating $1000, Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis offers Shared Membership memberships. A Shared Membership allows 2-4 women to pool their money and share a membership. Each Shared Member has full membership rights (serving on committees, attending events, etc.) with the exception that each Shared Membership may cast only one vote at the Annual Dinner, with the members of that Shared Membership agreeing on how that vote is to be cast.

Before considering a Shared Membership, we would encourage you to review your annual donations and weigh the difference between the multiple organizations you support against making the commitment to help Impact 100 fund a transformational grant, and the opportunity to see your donation have an impact on our community.

Shared Memberships can be made up of family members (sisters, mother/daughter, aunt/niece, etc.), friends, co-workers, or any group of 2-4 women who want to join without the full commitment. We may even be able to help you find other women to create a Shared Membership.

You can learn more about Shared Memberships in our Shared Memberships FAQ.

What else should I know?
One hundred percent of member donations are returned to the community in the form of grants at our Annual Membership Dinner in June.  All information entered on the membership form is kept secure, and we do not share or sell member information for any purpose. Membership donations must be made before December 31st of one calendar year to be part of the grant pool awarded the following calendar year.

What if I have more questions?
You can go to our complete FAQ page to see if your questions are there. You may also be interested in reviewing our New Member Orientation document. But you should also feel free to send us any questions you may have about Impact 100 to

Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis is an IRS recognized 501(C)(3) charitable organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.