How to SetUp a Kindful User Account

One of the best ways to take full control of your membership in and donations to Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis is to set up a user account in our database system, Kindful.

Once you have a user account, you will be able to log into the system and check your membership status, your donation for the current year, and your total donations since joining Impact 100. And setting up an account is the best way for you to manage your annual membership donation, or to set up recurring donation transactions.

Recurring transactions can be set up for annually, quarterly, monthly, biweekly (twice a month), and weekly transactions. Determining the amount for a recurring transaction is as simple as selecting your membership level ($1000 for full; or $500, $334, or $250 for shared), and dividing it by the number of transactions that would be made between the start date and December 31, 2017.

Once you have a user account set up, you can log into Kindful and can change the amount or cancel a recurring transaction at any time.

Setting up a Kindful account is not difficult:

Setting Up a Kindful Account

  1. Go to and click in the upper right corner to Create an Account.
  2. Enter your email, name, and password and click Submit.
  3. Once in Kindful, you’ll be taken to your Dashboard. The Dashboard is where you can see an overview of your information in the system. If the email you entered matches one already in the system from prior donations, you will see information on those previous donations.
  4. The left margin of the Kindful screen contains links to the information you can access through your account. For example, you can update your contact information in the Billing or see your previous donations by clicking on Activities.
  5. To set up a recurring transaction, click on Donate on the top of the left margin to begin setting up a donation. Once you get started you will have the option of making it a recurring donation.
  6. You’ll be taken to the Payment Summary page, where you can enter the amount you want for each transaction, if you want to pay the transaction fees, and the frequency for the recurring transaction.
  7. If we don’t already have a credit card on file, you’ll be asked to enter your credit card information.