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Our Annual Giving Report–Why it’s important

Each year we update our annual Giving Report. This report provides all the information you expect to see in an organization’s annual report with an overview of the grants we have given since our first one in 2006. You’ll find our most recent annual budget, along with information on our membership. It even has charts […]

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Impact 100 President Terry Mumford on WCGN Panel Discussing Grants Creating Ripples

Research tells us that measuring results is important, and the experience of organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation validates that lesson. But collective giving organizations make a variety of grants over the long term, creating something like an artist’s portfolio. Are there ripple effects, impacts that go beyond a particular grant? In the […]

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Act NOW for 2018 planning! Talk to your tax planner to address tax law changes now!

Planning for 2018 taxes could help you AND Impact 100 Yes, Impact 100 accepts stock donations! Yes, you can pay your 2019 membership anytime in 2018! Yes, we are an all-volunteer non-profit but we DO have overhead expenses, including credit card fees, website, social media, postage, recruitment events, and public relations. Donate to “Friends of […]

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The Opioid Crisis: A Complex and Perplexing Problem in Indiana

One in 20 people in our state are addicted to opioid painkillers and a staggering 286,000 Hoosiers report having engaged in non-medical use. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicates Indiana exceeded all but eight states in the number of pain prescriptions written per 100 people in 2012, enough for every Hoosier to have […]

2013 $100,000 Grant Winner Tindley Consolidates Middle Schools

Tindley Collegiate Academy Girls Middle School was the 2013 Impact 100 $100,000 award recipient. As the first all-girls middle school in Indiana, and notable for serving a majority African American population, the school used the Impact 100 grant to equip the Tindley STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) lab with computers, CAD software, drills, 3D modeling printers, and […]